Asus Has Release Laptop 14 Inch Worth "Netbook" and Able "Game" Weight

Through Slimbook X401U, Asus notebook trying to offer a cheap alternative, but it has a screen size of relief. 14-inch notebook is priced at $ 3 million or more or less equivalent to most netbooks which only has a screen size of 10 or 11 inches.

"Although the price is cheap, the integrated graphics on this notebook (make it) can be used to play games," said Country Head Indonesia Hermawan Sutanto AMD launch event Slimbook X401U in Jakarta, Monday (07/23/2012) yesterday.

Herman cited the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), which can be smoothly played on this notebook. Other games are more "serious" calls can be played, but with the lower resolution.
Slimbook X401U shaped thinner than a conventional laptop, and weighs 1.7 kg. In it is embedded processor Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) AMD dual-core C-60 with Radeon HD 6290 integrated graphics.

To attract consumers, AMD is trying to provide more value in terms of the amount of money paid for a product and what features are obtained from a notebook with AMD processor.

"We love more with the same budget. So, if you have money to Rp 3 million, in notebook AMD was able to play the game," added Herman.

Why is the game? "Because most consumers are buying notebooks asked if he bought the notebook can be used to play the game or not," said Juliana Cen, Product and Marketing Manager of Asus Indonesia.

To overcome the problem of excessive temperature when running games, Asus implements Ice Cool technology that maximizes heat dissipation.


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