Microsoft: Two Versions of Windows 8 Will Not Make Confused

Microsoft officially launched its newest operating system, Windows 8 in Singapore, Thursday (25/10/2012). The global launch was held simultaneously from Asia.

A day later, on Friday (26/10/2012), the launch will be conducted simultaneously also in the United States and Europe.

Microsoft Regional President Asia Pacific Tracey Fellows said Windows 8 comes with a user interface (interface) which is completely different from previous versions of Windows.

Windows 8 is designed to meet the needs of users on the desktop and tablet PC platforms as well.

"Tablet PC will be the future that Microsoft needs to develop its application in accordance with these devices. Existence of two versions of Windows 8 (for desktop and tablet PC) is not intended to confuse the user, but for flexibility of use," said Tracey.

He explained that the current Windows 8 has been used by more than 1,000 types of computers and tablet PCs varies of brands. Windows 8 is also supported by millions of third-party applications are available at the Windows Store.

In Indonesia alone, there are now at least have 44 applications that can be used in Windows 8, including applications, Kompasiana, magazine Computer Info, Chic, Tuberose Instant, and a number of magazines published by the AP.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Indonesia president director Andreas Diantoro said the new operating system will be available in Indonesia next week.

"Buyers are upgrading from July 2012 sufficient to pay 15 dollars to upgrade to Windows 8. Meanwhile retail price of Windows 8 Pro, which features a DVD and instructions, are sold at a price of 69.99 dollars," said Andreas.

Microsoft Indonesia will introduce 50 tablet device or computer that supports Windows 8 on Device Day at Mal Taman Orchid, Jakarta, starting on Friday (10/26/2012) until Sunday (28/10/2012).

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